Drain Tracer (CS125)

Drain Tracer (CS125)

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The CS125 Drain Tracer is a radio transmitter in a water proof housing which fits to the end of a lock fast drain road, or a Cobra.  It can be easily traced using the hand held receiver, which provides both audible and visual indicators.

By using the 'search' setting a row of LED's and an audible signal will indicate how close the transmitter is within a 6m radius.  When you are within a 3m radius, switch to the 'locate' setting, which provides a much more sensitive reading and will pinpoint the transmitter to within 300mm.  The depth of the transmitter will be displayed up to 6m depth.

The Drain Tracer is accurate, economical, and an invaluable tool for locating and accurately estimating excavation work.

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