Look See System (CS500)


The CS500 is a lightweight, yet rugged and durable camera system, contained within an easy to carry case.

  • 10.4" LCD Monitor
  • 35mm Colour Camera
  • 30m Tough Cable
  • 2x Protective Skids
  • Rugged Case
  • Only 7kgs

The unit features a 10.4" LCD Monitor, 35mm colour camera, 30m tough cable, and 2 protective skids.  All of this is stored within a rugged, yet lightweight case, making the unit extremely portable, and easy to store.


The unit can be powered by 100-230v ac,  or by a cigarette lighter socket providing 12v.  The unit may also be powered by a rechargeable battery pack (available seperately).


The inclusion of a video out socket also enables the system to be connected to almost any external recording device.


The camera itself is mounted on the end of a 30m length of tough cable, and incorporates a lockfast fitting, allowing the camera to be propelled down the pipeline using a set of standard drain rods.  The camera can also be used in conjunction with our 'Cobra' push rod system (see below).  These are an alternative to drain rods, which do not involve the hassle of screwing several sections together.


Product Note Status Price
Cobra Pushrods Cobra Pushrods
From £220.00
Li-ion Battery Pack Li-ion Battery Pack
From £180.00
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