Cobra Pushrods

(Diameter: 6.0mm, Length: 150m)

The Cobra is the thinking alternative to drain roads.

Cobras are a one piece fibreglass rod, with lockfast fitting, which coils neatly in to a cage, and ends the chore of screwing multiple rods together. They are fast convienient and easy to use, and available in a range of diameters and lengths.

Additional product information

Diameter 6.0mm
Length 150m

Selection: Cobra Pushrods

Product no. Diameter Length Price
CS410-0001 6.0mm 40m £220.00
CS411-0002 6.0mm 60m £230.00
CS412-0003 6.0mm 100m £249.00
CS413-0004 6.0mm 150m £292.00
CS420-0005 9.0mm 40m £266.00
CS421-0006 9.0mm 60m £286.00
CS422-0007 9.0mm 100m £315.00
CS423-0008 9.0mm 150m £365.00
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