DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool with depth (CSC102)

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The C.SCope DXL3 is the classic style, industry standard locator, used to detect buried pipes and cables prior to excavation.

The DXL3 is a rugged tool, easily able to withstand the rigours of life on construction and civil engineering sites, and for utility maintenance work. The unit features three familiar detection modes to select from, each with its own specific advantages.

The POWER mode is the quickest way to detect most buried electricity cables by detecting the electrical current itself.

The RADIO mode detects re-radiated radio type signals that are often present on metal pipes and cables, allowing their position to be determined using just the Cable Avoidance Tool alone.

The GENERATOR mode is used to detect the signal applied to a metal pipe or cable by the CSC103 SGA3 Signal Generator.  Additionally the mode can be used to detect the signal being transmitted by a 33Khz sonde, Plastic Pipe Tracer, or Flexible Tracer.

The DXL3 has the additional feature of depth measurement.



DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool

  • Power Mode
  • Radio Mode
  • Generator Mode (33Khz)
  • Depth Measurement
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Real Audio response
  • Provision for spare battery storage
  • Retractable loudspeaker
  • Fully weatherproof design to IP65
  • Annual Calibration checks required



Training on this equipment can be provided by C.Scope, who offer comprehensive courses, including certification for the use of all their products.  For more details please call on 01949 877770.



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