SGA3 Signal Generator (CSC103)

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The SGA3 Signal Generator is designed for use with the CXL3 and DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tools.

Using the combination of Signal Generator and Cable Avoidance Tool makes the task of cable avoidance far more effective and increases the number of buried services that can be detected.

The 33kHz Signal Generator can energise a buried metal pipe or cable by 'direct connection' to the target pipe or cable, or the simpler 'induction' method from above ground.  The SGA3 will optomise the performance of the Cable Avoidance Tool, enabling operators to locate more buried utilities.

The SGA3 features a two position power level adjustment so the operator has control of how much power is in use and when.  A pulsed or continuous signal output allows operators to switch to the pulsed mode at the push of a button in high interference situations and keep on tracing.

The SGA3 has a clear audible signal output to indicate when it is in operation.  An in-built audio mute control is also included.


SGA3 Signal Generator

  • High and Low switchable power output
  • 33kHz Signal Output
  • Pulsed or Continuous Output Signal
  • Audio Speaker Mutes
  • Two Signal Application Techniques
  • In-built Accessory Tray
  • Fully weatherproof design to IP65



Training on this equipment can be provided by C.Scope, who offer comprehensive courses, including certification for the use of all their products.  For more details please call on 01949 877770.


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