DXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool (CSC110)

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The XL4 range of Cable Avoidance Tools represent a significant advance in cable detecting and tracing performance.

The XL4 Cable Avoidance Tools now have improved performance across all modes of detection, whilst remaining easy to operate.

Intelligent features such as PEAKHOLD allows operators to quickly and confidently pinpoint the exact position of buried services.  A clever ALARMZONE feature alerts operators to the presence of particularly shallow pipes or cables, with the exact trigger depth adjustable by the user to best suit local requirements.  A dynamic SwingSensor gently alerts the operator if the locator is being swung excessively, potentially compromising the accuracy of any locates.

The data logging feature allows a years worth of data, in normal usage, to be stored.  This can then be transferred via a USB cable to a PC.  The free to download C.Cope PC Toolkit analyses the stored data.

The unit also features accurate depth indication and in-built GPS position logging.

The XL4 Cable Avoidance Tool does not require periodic calibration.  A fully automatic daily self test confirms that the Cable Avoidance Tool is functioning at the optimum level each day.


CXL4 Dual Frequency Cable Avoidance Tool

  • Power Mode
  • Radio Mode
  • Generator Mode: Simultaneous 33 + 131 kHz
  • All Scan Mode
  • Accurate Depth Indication
  • Overload Protection
  • AlarmZone
  • Peak Hold
  • Dynamic Swing Sensor
  • High Resolution Backlit Liquid Crystal Display
  • Automatic Daily Self Test generating a Calibration Validation Certificate
  • Data Logging
  • USB connectivity
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • In-built GPS



Training on this equipment can be provided by C.Scope, who offer comprehensive courses, including certification for the use of all their products.  For more details please call on 01949 877770.


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