MXT4 Transmitter (CSC113)

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The MXT4 Transmitter now has a greater range of transmitting frequencies allowing improved long distance tracing and utiliy identification, even on the most congested of sites.  A range of frequencies from 512/640Hz up to 131kHz and including the simultaneous dual frequency 33kHz and 131kHz signal output is ideal for maximising the number of buried services that can be energised and then detected.  The MXT4 can apply these frequency signals without direct connection to the buried services, using either a Signal Clamp or the simple induction method from ground level.

The MXT4's fully adjustable One Watt Power Output means that deeper pipes and cables can be effectively energised and then traced over ever longer distances.

To compliment and support in-built data logging on the MXL4 Locator, the MXT4 Transmitter also has full data logging capability.  A years worth of data can be stored, in normal usage, on both the Locator and Transmitter.  This can be transferred via a USB cable to PC, where the free to download C.Scope PC Toolkit can analyse the data.


MXT4 Transmitter

  • One Watt 4-level adjustable Power Output
  • Six Signal Outputs:
    • Simultaneous 33+131kHz Signal
    • 512Hz Signal
    • 640Hz Signal
    • 8kHz Signal
    • 33kHz Signal
    • 131kHz Signal
  • Pulsed or Continuous Output Signal
  • Three Signal Application Techniques:
    • Direct Connection
    • Induction
    • Wraparound
  • Automatic Daily Self Test
  • Data Logging
  • USB Data Transfer
  • High Resolution Liquid Crystal Display
  • No periodic Calibration required
  • Product Validation Certificate available
  • In-built Accessory Tray



Training on this equipment can be provided by C.Scope, who offer comprehensive courses, including certification for the use of all their products.  For more details please call on 01949 877770.


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