Duct Sonde (CSC125)

Can be shipped within 4 days


The C.Scope 33kHz Duct Sonde is a transmitter designed specifically to trace the route of congested ducts or conduits.

Often a standard sized Sonde is too large to pass between cables when tracing electrical, telecommunication or cable conduits or ducts. The solution is the C.Scope 33kHz Duct Sonde.

The C.Scope 33kHz Duct Sonde is a small diameter battery powered transmitter which can be screwed onto the end of a duct rod and inserted into a duct or conduit. This allows the route of the duct or conduit to be traced using a C.Scope Locator. The small diameter of the Duct Sonde can be easily pushed along the duct without snagging.

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