80m Fexible Tracer (CSC128)


The Flexible Tracer is highly effective at locating and tracing the route of small diameter, non-metallic ducts, pipes, sewers and drains.

When used with any C.SCope Cable Locator and Signal Generator, both the route of a non-metallic pipe and a particular end point can be pinpointed with the Flexible Tracer. This is particularly useful for identifying the position of blockages or obstructions within the pipe.  If a depth measuring Locator is used then it is also possible to know the depth of the pipe/blockage.

The Flexible Tracer comprises a continuous fibreglass rod housed in a reel that rotates on an axle. The axle has a slip-ring allowing the Signal Generator to remain connected to the connection terminals of the Flexible Tracer whilst it is being inserted into the pipe to be traced. A tiny sonde is built into the tip of the Flexible Tracer allowing the end point of the Tracer to also be located.

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