European Signal Injector (CSC116)

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The Signal Injector is an accessory that allows the Signal Generator signal to be safely applied to an electrical system via a European 2-pin power socket.

This signal will then be detecable on the buried supply cable outside of the building and many supply cables within the property.  The transmitted signal can then be detected by any C.SCope Locator.

(UK 3-Pin version pictured)


Product Note Status Price
SGA3 Signal Generator (CSC103) SGA3 Signal Generator (CSC103)

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SGA4 Signal Generator (CSC107) SGA4 Signal Generator (CSC107)

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SGV4 Signal Generator (CSC108) SGV4 Signal Generator (CSC108)

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MXT4 Transmitter (CSC113) MXT4 Transmitter (CSC113)

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